Energy-Saving Tips That Will Make You See Green

Energy-Saving Tips That Will Make You See Green

Dec 12, 2013

No one wants to pay high energy bills and yet many homeowners do not take the measures necessary to cut energy consumption. Much of the time, this is simply because people are unaware how much they can save by making a few changes. Here are some energy-saving tips that will help you save money while also helping the environment:

  • Lower the thermostat in winter. It may sound simple, but even turning the thermostat down a degree or two can save you a lot on your energy bill. Most people easily adapt to a daytime temperature of 68 degrees and a nighttime temperature of between 58 and 62. It is much cheaper to wear a sweater or throw on another blanket than to turn up your thermostat.
  • Check the insulation. A well-insulated home will save you money on energy costs all year by keeping your home warmer in cooler months and cooler during the hot Orlando summers. Insulating water pipes and your water heater will also cut energy loss.
  •  Replace old thermostats with Energy Star programmable thermostats. These give you the ability to plan ahead regarding heating and cooling the home. You can program different temperatures for different times of the day to match activity or occupancy. Note that adding zones also will make your home more energy efficient – this is especially true in multi-level homes where the upper stories will naturally be warmer. Thermostats in zoning systems can be programmed according to the temperature needs of that particular zone.
  • Keep your heating system maintained. Furnaces and heat pumps should be serviced at least once a year to make certain they are operating safely and efficiently. Some basic maintenance, such as changing the air filters, you can do yourself. However, you should call a professional for yearly inspection and maintenance of the unit.
  • Replace your windows. The new, energy-efficient windows have coatings that act as insulation. Your home will be warmer in winter and cooler when temperatures rise.

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