Try These Energy-saving Tips and Stretch Your Wallet

Try These Energy-saving Tips and Stretch Your Wallet

May 23, 2013

In your Orlando area home, you can take advantage of numerous energy-saving tips and contribute to a healthier planet in addition to saving money. Here are a few of these energy-saving tips:

  • Clean your A/C filter. Inspect your air conditioner filter at least once a month and change it when it looks dirty. A clogged filter forces your equipment to work harder, increasing wear and tear, wasting energy, degrading indoor air quality and providing substandard cooling.
  • Limit pool pump running time. In the summer, limit running time to six hours per day. In the winter, limit it to four.
  • Adjust your washing machine’s water level. Adjust the level based on the size of the load, especially if using hot water. Keep the machine on the cold water option whenever possible, as the appliance uses more energy to heat the water.
  • Lower your water heater temperature. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the water heater should be set at 120 degrees. This will save money over the usual default setting of 130 or 140 degrees, and also prevent scalding hazards.
  • Use your dishwasher. Avoid pre-rinsing dishes. Remember to only use the appliance when full.
  • Cool your home at about 78 degrees. Set the thermostat’s fan switch to “auto” and raise the temperature to 82 degrees or warmer when you’re away to save even more money.
  • Set your thermostat at 68 degrees or cooler for heating purposes. Place the fan on “auto” and keep the thermostat at 63 degrees or cooler while away.
  • Turn off all ceiling fans. If you aren’t using the room, turn the ceiling fan off. The fan won’t serve any purpose if nobody’s in the room to feel the cooling effect.
  • Clean your dryer’s lint filter. Do this before each load to dry clothes faster.
  • Test your showerhead. Place a bucket under your shower and run the cold water until the bucket fills. If it takes less than 24 seconds to fill, your showerhead is not energy efficient and should be replaced.

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