The Energy Star: Look For It When You're Replacing Your A/C

The Energy Star: Look For It When You’re Replacing Your A/C

Jun 28, 2012

When the time comes to replace your air conditioning system, look for the Energy Star label; it’s your assurance that the product you’re considering is energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Created in 1992 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Energy Star is a voluntary labeling program for identifying energy-efficient products. Primarily used for computers and monitors at its start, Energy Star labels are now commonly found on heating and cooling equipment.

Some key reasons to look for the Energy Star logo:

  • With up to a third of your home expenses coming from heating and cooling, you will want to purchase products that meet strict energy efficiency criteria to give you the most energy for your money. Energy Star products have a higher seasonal energy efficiency ratio, or SEER, as well as a higher energy efficiency ratio (EER) rating, which makes them approximately 14 percent more efficient than models without the label.
  • Experts agree that greenhouse gas emissions are damaging our environment. Energy Star products are certified to release fewer dangerous greenhouse gases.
  • These products could also qualify you for energy-efficient financing on new homes or when remodeling an existing home.
  • You may qualify for tax credits, rebate offers and utility grants, depending on your area and their availability.
  • Energy Star-certified A/C units usually have better features than other models, such as timers, digital displays, remote controls and directional vents.

When you are ready to shop for new air conditioning products, make sure you look for the Energy Star. You’ll get a better product for your money, save money on energy bills and help preserve the environment.

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