Frozen Evaporator Coils Can Be a Problem, So Fix Them With These Tips

Frozen Evaporator Coils Can Be a Problem, So Fix Them With These Tips

Aug 11, 2015

Efficient home cooling is an essential comfort element in the Central Florida region. When there’s a problem with the A/C, you want it fixed immediately. One common problem with an A/C system is frozen evaporator coils. Keep reading to learn if you can troubleshoot this problem should it arise or if professional assistance is required.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

The evaporator is the component of the A/C system that pulls heat from warm return airflow to cool your home. To do this efficiently, the evaporator must have free contact with the return airflow. If there is an obstruction to airflow, the result may be ice accumulation on the evaporator, in addition to higher energy bills.

The following are common reasons for airflow obstructions and frozen evaporator coils:

  • Filter – A clogged air filter impedes airflow into the return ducts and across the evaporator. If you use your A/C system as much as most Central Floridians, check it at least once a month and change or clean as needed.
  • Dirt – Moisture in return airflow condenses on the cold evaporator. The condensation acts like a sponge for dirt and grime. When dirt buildup is too much, airflow contact with the evaporator is obstructed. The evaporator should be cleaned every year during professional preventive maintenance.
  • Ducts – Air ducts convey the cooled air to your home. Unbalanced ducts create uneven air pressure in the home and in the return and supply ductwork. Duct problems could be the result of air leaks, disconnected seams and/or damaged ducts. One of the best things you can do is have your ducts professionally inspected.
  • Refrigerant – If refrigerant is too low or if the compressor is malfunctioning, you’re going to have a frozen evaporator. Low refrigerant also indicates a leak in the refrigerant system since it’s a closed loop. Refrigerant and compressor problems must be handled by an EPA-certified HVAC technician.

If you need help with frozen evaporator coils in your Orlando area home, please contact Rinaldi’s Energy Solutions.

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