Get a Service Check on Your Funace - Even in Florida

Even In Steamy Florida, You’ll Eventually Need Your Furnace — Schedule That Service Check Before You Have To Turn It On

Sep 27, 2011

While we’re still in the throes of a hot Florida summer, it can be difficult to think ahead to cooler days when you might need your furnace. We can be sure that time will come, however, and probably sooner than we think.

Rather than wait for your furnace to conk out, take charge and schedule a service check for your furnace. Service technicians are typically less busy this time of year too, so you can find a time that easily fits into your schedule.

Keeping your furnace running at its top performance level can save you money in heating bills and also in extending the life of your system. An inspection will ensure that all components of your system are in good working order. A quick cleaning will help your system run more efficiently since a dirty, clogged system has to work that much harder to do the same amount of work.

There are also safety issues. If a gas furnace isn’t working properly, or if it isn’t venting correctly, conditions can exist that can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. The service technician will also check the gas line for leaks.

Your ducts can be checked for areas where they might leak. Leaky ducts are wasteful and are yet another way you end up paying more than you should for heating your home.

Some of the items your inspector may check on his visit include:

  • Making sure the chimney flue to make sure is clear of debris so air can flow freely
  • Monitoring carbon monoxide levels
  • Checking and cleaning the pilot light (when applicable)
  • Checking the blower and fan and make sure they’re operating correctly

With a routine service check, you’ll have the peace of mind that your furnace will operate when needed, as and efficiently as possible.

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