Furnace Performance May Be Hurting Your Heating

Furnace Performance: Gauging Your Heating System

Feb 26, 2019
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Furnace Performance: Gauging Your Heating SystemThe performance of your furnace directly affects your comfort, but it also impacts your energy bills and ongoing expenses for repairs and maintenance. If you’re unsure whether your furnace performance is up to par, now’s the ideal time to assess it based on some key post-winter performance metrics.

If you still have concerns after weighing the following, it’s time to talk to your HVAC pro:

Energy Bill Trends

You can gauge if there’s any decline in the equipment’s efficiency by comparing this season’s energy bills with what you paid during the same period the past few years. For an accurate comparison, make sure you factor in any changes in your household heating habits or energy rate hikes.

Operational Issues

A good way to assess the future reliability of your furnace – and the likelihood you might be unexpectedly left without heat – is to look at how often operational problems are cropping up. Such issues can include unexplained shutdowns that require a system restart, and the development of strange smells and odd noises when your heating system is running.

Air Distribution Concerns

Temperature variations or inadequate conditioned airflow output in some rooms can be a sign of issues with the HVAC duct system. An inspection may reveal deficiencies that need to be addressed, like blockages, disconnections or air losses due to improper sealing and insulating. In a multi-story or large home, zoning may be necessary to provide better air distribution and improve comfort.

Advancing Equipment Age

Furnace age can contribute to problems with efficiency, reliability and even safe operation. Your older unit with a lower efficiency rating will use more energy than a newer model, and therefore cost more to operate. You can also expect that your aging furnace will need repairs more often, and have an increased risk of heat exchanger deterioration and possible carbon monoxide leaks. If you have a furnace that’s 15-20 years old and developing performance issues, it may be time to consider replacing it.

If you have concerns about furnace performance in your Orlando home, contact us at Rinaldi’s Energy Solutions for a detailed system assessment.

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