Home Heat Pump Maintenance

Home Heat Pump Maintenance

Feb 2, 2016

Home Heat Pump MaintenanceHeat pumps are popular HVAC systems for Orlando-area homeowners. Heat pumps move heat between the indoor and outdoor unit and can be used year-round for home heating and cooling. In addition to professional preventive maintenance, consider the following maintenance tips for better heat pump efficiency.

Outdoor Maintenance

Most heat pumps are split systems. This means that there is an indoor air handler, typically located in a utility closet, and a large outdoor unit that sits next to your home. Both parts will need maintenance. Use these tips for the outdoor unit:

  • Keep an eye on the outdoor unit for weeds, leaves, and other debris. Clear away as needed to maintain free airflow to the sides.
  • The condenser coil attracts dirt and debris. Spray a coil cleaner twice a year on the side of the unit, which is where the coil is located. Use a garden hose to spray the cleaner off. Make sure power to the unit is turned off.
  • Be alert for unusual noises, such as rattling, whirring, or clicking. These can indicate lodged debris in the fan, a problem with the compressor, or an electrical problem that require the attention of your HVAC technician.

Indoor Maintenance

The indoor side of your heat pump requires more attention even though it is inside your home. Some maintenance checks require greater frequency than others.

  • Check your air filter at least every two months. A clean filter is essential for cooling and heating efficiency, clean components, and better indoor air quality.
  • Wipe dust and debris from the surfaces of the return grilles and supply outlets as needed.
  • Use a coil cleaner twice a year on the indoor coil, too. You may use a self-rinsing foaming coil cleaner for easier use (use the same for the outdoor coil).

Temperature Settings

Programmable thermostats are excellent devices for automatic temperature changeovers that allow you greater energy savings and comfort. Make sure your thermostat is designed for a heat pump or you will lose heating efficiency following a setback period.

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