Save Money with Heat Pump Maintenance

Plan Heat Pump Maintenance to Keep Yours Running Right

May 7, 2013

Maintaining a nice, cool home is a top concern here in Central Florida. Make sure your heat pump is running right with scheduled heat pump maintenance. In addition to greater home comfort, you’ll benefit with lower cooling bills and less indoor humidity.

Heat pump maintenance

The most common type of heat pump is a split-system air-source heat pump, with an indoor unit containing the evaporator coil and air handler, and the outdoor unit housing the condenser coil and compressor.

To efficiently cool your home, the heat pump requires optimal refrigerant charge for efficient heat exchange at the coils, and free airflow through the entire forced-air system. The drainage and electrical systems and other components must be in good working order, too. These are some of the checks your HVAC technician performs during professional heat pump maintenance:

  • Free airflow: Unhindered air flow is required for efficient heat exchange, dehumidification and balanced air pressure through the ducts and living spaces. The technician visually inspects the ductwork for air leaks and damage. The air filter is changed. The air handler and evaporator coil are cleaned, and air volume is measured.
  • Coils: The technician inspects the coils and refrigerant lines for leaks. Refrigerant is measured and charged or reclaimed as needed. The condenser coil is cleaned as needed. Coil fins are straightened.
  • Drainage: The drain pan is inspected for mold and standing water. The drain line is inspected for wear, blockages and correct slope.
  • Electrical: Electronic sequences are tested. Electrical contacts are inspected for wear and fit. Proper thermostat function is verified.

Do-it-yourself maintenance

There are certain steps homeowners can do to keep their heat pumps in good working order between service calls.

  • Be vigilant about checking the air filter.
  • Make sure vegetation and debris are not obstructing airflow to the outdoor unit.
  • Check the drain pan on occasion to make sure water is draining properly. Your heat pump could be working perfectly fine, and still have a drainage issue.

If you would like to schedule heat pump maintenance with an EPA-certified contractor, please contact us at Rinaldi’s Energy Solutions today. We provide HVAC and plumbing services throughout Orlando and Central Florida.

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