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How Can a Programmable Thermostat Save You Money

Mar 18, 2023
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Climate control (heating and air conditioning) accounts for over half of all energy use in homes, according to the US Energy Information Administration. But a programmable thermostat with connectivity options can help save about 8% of heating and cooling costs, according to Energy Star.

A programmable thermostat is a device that allows you to set a heating or cooling schedule for your home. It can help you save money on your energy bill by automatically adjusting the temperature when you are not home or sleeping.

Let’s explore how a programmable thermostat can save you money, including the benefits of a thermostat with remote sensor, the drawbacks of a non programmable thermostat, the best temperature for heater in winter, and the advantages of a Bluetooth thermostat.

Problems with a Non Programmable Thermostat

Air conditioning systems have greatly improved energy efficiency in recent years. However, the unit is only one piece of the puzzle for reducing energy usage. Older thermostats require you to adjust the temperature in your home manually. This can be a hassle, particularly if you forget to adjust the temperature when you leave the house or go to sleep. 

With a non-programmable thermostat, you may waste energy by controlling your home’s climate when no one can enjoy it. In contrast, programmable thermostats let you set a heating or cooling schedule that matches your lifestyle, and they have other valuable features, like remote sensors.

Benefits of a Thermostat with Remote Sensor

A thermostat with remote sensor can detect the temperature in each room. This is particularly useful in larger homes or homes with multiple floors, where the temperature can vary from room to room. With a thermostat with remote sensor, you can set different temperatures for different rooms, ensuring that each room is heated or cooled to the desired temperature. 

It’s called zoning control, and ensures you’re only using energy to heat or cool rooms you’re currently using. This optimizes the system without energy waste, lowering electricity bills throughout all seasons. It’s also possible to further control the thermostat with Bluetooth connectivity.

What Is a Bluetooth Thermostat?

A Bluetooth thermostat connects to your smartphone or another Bluetooth-enabled device. This allows for monitoring and regulating your home’s temperature within the Bluetooth range. Many smart thermostats also include Wi-Fi connectivity that lets you control the temperature from anywhere using its app or the phone’s smart home platform.

Connected thermostats are also useful if you have multiple homes, as you can keep them both in ideal conditions no matter which one you’re currently living in. Of course, knowing the best temperature for each season is important.

Best Temperature for Heater in Winter and AC in Summer?

The ideal temperature for your heater in the winter is determined by your personal preferences as well as your budget. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends setting your thermostat to 68 degrees Fahrenheit when you are awake and lowering it by 7 to 10 degrees when you are asleep or away from home. 

Meanwhile, a temperature of 78 degrees is recommended to save money in the summer. Using these seasonal and daily settings can save up to 10% on your energy bill, although some require slightly different temperatures for comfort.

Saving Money With Programmable Thermostats

Heating and cooling consume more than half of the energy consumed by the average household. With everyone watching expenses, climate control is an ideal place to reduce monthly energy costs most efficiently. 

A programmable thermostat is a simple and effective way to reduce your energy bill. Setting a heating or cooling schedule that matches your lifestyle can also help you reduce your carbon footprint. Connected features, better schedules, and more efficient zoning can add to big savings over time without changing your lifestyle.

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