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You rely on your HVAC system to make your home a comfortable haven. If your conditioned air suddenly has an odd or unpleasant smell, your comfort can quickly decline. Locating the source and eliminating odors that originate in the HVAC system can restore your comfort, and it can protect everyone in the household from potential health and safety hazards too.

Finding and Eliminating Odors in Your HVAC

Your HVAC air output can carry a bad smell for a variety of reasons, but before you can get rid of the odor, you’ll need to pinpoint the source. Here are some common kinds of HVAC odors and their likely origins, and some advice on how to get them resolved:

  • Chemical scents. If your conditioned air has a distinct chemical smell, it likely contains a buildup of off-gassed VOCs from everyday household products and materials. To get rid of the odor and improve your air quality, ask your HVAC professional about installing a ventilation system or adding an air cleaning unit to your HVAC system.
  • Acrid burnt odors. This kind of metallic scent is usually an indicator that electrical components in your HVAC system are overheating, like a capacitor, circuit board or motor. To prevent a fire, shut down the system until your HVAC technician can investigate what’s wrong and fix the problem.
  • Acetone fumes. If you get a nail polish remover-like odor from your HVAC vents, the most likely cause is a refrigerant leak. This is another odd smell that needs prompt professional attention, because a leak can end up ruining a costly component like the compressor if enough refrigerant is lost.
  • Dirty-sock syndrome. The foul smells caused by the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria and algae in an HVAC system are a common occurrence. They’re fairly easy to eliminate, but you may need expert help to isolate and thoroughly clean the source. Frequent culprits are a clogged cooling coil or air filter, moisture and debris in the ductwork, or blockages in the condensate drain.

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