Keeping Children Safe Around Your HVAC Unit

Keep Children Safe: HVAC Safety Tips

Jul 5, 2018

Keep Children Safe: HVAC Safety TipsChildproofing homes usually involves covering outlets, keeping household cleaners out of reach and taking other steps to keep children as safe as possible. One area that you might overlook is your HVAC system and its components. Find out how to reduce the risk of injuries with the following HVAC safety tips.

Prevent Access to the Outdoor Unit

When your children are playing outside, they might get too close to your outdoor HVAC unit and get hurt. Your outdoor unit has a few hazards to be aware of, such as wiring and sharp edges. Children can also get hurt if they surface of the outdoor unit is hot from being in the sun. Put a fence around your outdoor unit, or plant shrubs around it to keep children from being able to get near it. Keep in mind

Check Floor Vents

If the vents in your home are in the floor or close to it, make sure that they’re securely in place. Children can cut themselves on vent edges that are sticking out, or they can pull the vents off if they’re loose. Check each vent to ensure that it’s in place as securely as possible.

Keep Thermostats Out of Reach

Your thermostats should be installed high enough to prevent your children from playing with them. Turning your thermostat up or down too much can end up damaging your HVAC system and making your home uncomfortably hot or cold. If you have a smart or wi-fi thermostat, make sure that your children are unable to access the controls for it on your mobile device.

Consider Switching to Plastic Registers with Screens

You can lower the risk of cuts and keep children from putting objects into register slats by switching from metal to plastic registers and installing screens. These screens prevent items from falling into your ducts, while plastic registers eliminate sharp edges that metal ones have.

If you need additional HVAC safety information, please contact Rinaldi’s Energy Solutions. We can help you ensure that the home comfort components in your Orlando home are childproof.