Essential Tips for Having a Damage Free HVAC System During a Remodel

Essential Tips for Having a Damage Free HVAC System During a Remodel

Aug 14, 2014

When remodeling, homeowners are often so focused on the construction and design aspects of the project and therefore overlook the HVAC system. Your HVAC system is likely one of the most valuable investments that you will make to your home, so it’s important to keep it top of mind during a home renovation.

If you want a damage free HVAC system during a home renovation, you should consider taking the following precautions:

Talk to your HVAC contractor before beginning a remodel.

If you have a maintenance contract with an HVAC company, it’s ideal to discuss your upcoming remodel with the contractor when he or she comes out to service your system. There may be aspects of your plans that could negatively impact the efficiency of your system, and it would be good to know this information before the remodel begins.

If possible, turn off your HVAC system during the renovation.

Some of the most common repair issues can be linked back to dirt and dust buildup within the HVAC system, and running your system during a renovation inside your home can cause the system to suck in an excessive amount of dust, dirt, and debris.

Close registers in the areas where the remodel is taking place.

If you happen to be running your HVAC system during the remodel, be careful not to close too many registers.

Try to do all of your cutting and sanding outside of the house.

This will help to minimize the amount of dust and dirt that could potentially get into your HVAC system.

Change your filter regularly throughout the project. 

A home remodel has the tendency to make your filter particularly dirty, and all of the dust and dirt buildup in your filter can block airflow.

For more ways to have a damage free HVAC system during a remodel, contact us at Rinaldi’s Energy Solutions in Orlando. We can also check your blower, ductwork, and indoor coil after the renovation is completed to ensure that there is not an excessive amount of dust or dirt buildup in the system and that it is running efficiently.

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