Back-to-School Tips for HVAC Systems

Back-to-School Tips for HVAC Systems

Sep 13, 2016

Back-to-School Tips for HVAC SystemsWhen you start to see school buses on the road again, it is a reminder that fall is near. It’s time to start thinking about the various tasks around your home that need to be done to prepare for winter. Just like other parts of your home, your HVAC system needs some tender loving care at this time of year.

Task #1: Change Air Filters

One of the simplest, yet highly effective, maintenance tasks you can perform on your system is changing your air filter. An air filter catches the dust and pollutants in your air. Not only does this help your family breathe better, but it also protects your HVAC system from damage.

It is generally recommended that you change your air filter every 30 to 90 days. If you haven’t changed it in a while, the start of fall is a good time to take care of this task.

Task #2: Clear Outdoor Unit

Another important maintenance task is clearing the area around your outside unit. When plants and debris build up around the unit, it restricts air flow. In the short term, this reduces your system’s energy efficiency. In the long term, it can cause wear that shortens the life of your system.

At the beginning of fall, clear away any grass or plants that have grown up around your unit. Rake up any grass clippings or dead leaves that might have stacked up near the unit. Be sure to check back periodically and remove any additional leaves that have built up over the season.

Task #3: Schedule Maintenance

As you are reducing your A/C use and looking forward to turning on your heat, it’s time to have your semi-annual HVAC check-up. During your maintenance appointment, the technician will check to make sure your system is working correctly. He’ll check for leaks, loose electrical connections, low fluid levels, and other issues that could cause problems during the upcoming season.

To schedule a fall maintenance checkup for your HVAC system, or just to get answers to your HVAC questions in the Orlando area, contact Rinaldi’s Energy Solutions today.

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