How Should Insulation Be Installed in Your Orlando Home?

How Should Insulation Be Installed in Your Orlando Home?

Mar 19, 2015

You may think of insulation as something only necessary in colder climates, but Orlando homeowners can benefit a lot from home insulation all year-round. This is because insulation doesn’t just keep heat inside your home when it’s cold outside, it also keeps heat from coming into your home when temperatures rise.

There are a number of places in your home where you can install insulation for maximum efficiency:

  • Your attic. The sun beating down on your roof can warm up the shingles, which then radiates heat into the rest of your home. Attic insulation provides a barrier between the sun and your living space, which can keep your home cool during the summer. Loose-fill and batt insulation are both great options for attic spaces — which you use will depend on the style of your attic.
  • Ducts. As your central HVAC system circulates air through your home, it passes through ducts in your crawlspace and other parts of your home, which aren’t conditioned. Heat that escapes from warmed air and that’s absorbed by cool air in your ductwork makes your system less effective at keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. Insulating your ducts can help with this problem.
  • Exterior walls. As an important component of your home’s building envelope, the insulation in your exterior wall is one of the primary defenses against outdoor temperatures. Homes have wall insulation installed when they’re built, but you should check with your HVAC contractor to see if you have the right amount recommended for Orlando’s climate.
  • Your home’s foundation. If you have any below-ground rooms, insulation can help maintain a comfortable temperature, while keeping moisture under control. Talk to an insulation installation professional about how best to insulate your foundation.

If your home can use more insulation, or if you just want to learn more about home efficiency, call Rinaldi’s  Air Conditioning Service in Orlando today!

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