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Dealing With Low Water Pressure? Here’s What to Do

May 12, 2016

Dealing With Low Water Pressure? Here's What to DoLow water pressure is a common problem in many homes. This has an adverse effect on various residential water uses, from showers to watering the garden. The good news is that often you can do something about the problem.

Following are some primary causes of low water pressure:

  • Over time, minerals can infiltrate residential plumbing systems. This can be due to water with high mineral content, or dirt and sand entering pipes through breaks in the water lines (which also can reduce water pressure, but we’ll get to that). Plumbing solutions are available to dissolve mineral deposits in pipes.
  • If your home’s plumbing has one or more leaks, this also can reduce water pressure, both as a result of lower velocity and quantity of water. You can determine if your pipes are leaking by turning off every water fixture in the house. Check the water meter, and then an hour or two later, check it again. If the meter shows water usage, you have leaks. In most cases, you’ll want to leave plumbing repairs to a professional plumber.
  • While steel and galvanized pipes and fixtures should last up to 20 years, natural corrosion will occur during that time, particularly if your tap water contains a high proportion of corrosive minerals. As this occurs, your pipes can get partially blocked, reducing the flow of water to your faucets and appliances. When this happens, a complete fix probably means replacing your plumbing.
  • Sometimes, water pressure can be negatively impacted by outside factors, including problems your water supplier is having (a broken line is a common occurrence in aging rural and city water systems these days). Sometimes, the problem resolves itself in a day or two, and sometime it’s a chronic issue. If you live in an area with low water pressure, and don’t want to move, ask your plumbing professional for advice on the best faucets, shower heads and toilets to use in a low-pressure system.

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