A Brief Introduction to Manuals S, D, and J

A Brief Introduction to Manuals S, D, and J

Apr 7, 2016

A Brief Introduction to Manuals S, D, and JKnowing what Manual J, Manual D and Manual S do for home comfort, equipment durability and energy efficiency gives you an edge. They’re the software that HVAC professionals use to determine the equipment size, the most crucial step in selecting a new or replacement system. Moving forward with a new installation without using the software could put you at a long-term disadvantage.

Manual J

HVAC contractors start a load calculation by running Manual J software. This component compiles the many aspects of your home that contribute to its need for cooling and heating. Those factors include:

  • Insulation levels in walls and attic.
  • Air infiltration rates.
  • Size, number and quality of windows and their solar exposure.
  • Cubic footage under roof.
  • Floorplan design.
  • Amount of heat generated indoors.
  • Landscaping factors.
  • Lifestyle factors and home usage patterns.

This part of the analysis requires a good deal of detail, but in the end, HVAC professionals know what the heating and cooling loads of a structure are. They can better select the size of the HVAC equipment to avoid selecting a system that’s too large or too small, both of which deteriorate comfort and increase cooling and heating costs.

Manual D

Manual D covers the air distribution configuration and capacity for the system. It uses the results from the Manual J exercise to calculate the size and distribution of the ducts. Ducts that are too small are noisy, and a ductwork system that’s too large won’t deliver the conditioned air with enough velocity to provide indoor comfort.

Manual S

Once the sizing of the system and its ductwork with Manual J and Manual D has been completed, the HVAC expert moves onto Manual S, which fine tunes the selection process. Manual S software includes the information about the HVAC systems available and helps the contractor choose the best model to deal with the local climate’s humidity levels.

If you’re choosing a new system, be sure your contractor starts the process with Manual J, Manual D and Manual S software. To learn more, contact Rinaldi’s Energy Solutions, providing top-notch HVAC services for greater Orlando homeowners.

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