Top Preparations Before a New HVAC System Installation

Top Preparations Before a New HVAC System Installation

Sep 12, 2017

Top Preparations Before a New HVAC System InstallationThere’s a lot more to getting a new HVAC installation in your home than selecting the system you want and sitting back while it gets installed. In order for the new cooling or heating system to work optimally in your Orlando area home, follow these steps:

Schedule a comprehensive energy audit or evaluation of your home by a trusted HVAC contractor.

Employing high-tech diagnostic equipment, the energy auditor will conduct tests to find out where energy is being wasted in your home, whether through air leaks in the outer envelope or poor or missing insulation. Once you have that information, you can take steps to seal air leaks, upgrade insulation and complete any other steps recommended in the energy audit. Your new HVAC system installation will perform more effectively and efficiently if your home has been properly weatherized.

Make sure that your HVAC installer intends to take industry-recommended steps to correctly size your new furnace, A/C or heat pump.

They’ll do this by conducting a heating or cooling load calculation (depending on the type of system you’re getting) that takes into account a myriad of characteristics unique to your home. This includes the home’s size and layout but also its energy efficiency, orientation on the lot, number, size and location of windows, and more. Only with a load calculation in hand can the contractor recommend the right size system for your particular home. An under- or over-sized HVAC system will cause a variety of problems, including energy waste, over-stressed equipment, and uneven cooling or heating.

Either as part of the energy evaluation process or done separately, your air ducts should be inspected and cleaned or repaired, depending on what the inspection finds. A brand new furnace or A/C can’t properly do its job if the air delivery system is impaired.

Clear the area around where the new HVAC system installation is going, moving boxes, furniture, personal belongings or anything else that might get in the way of installers.

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