How to Prevent Your Pipes From Freezing This Winter

How to Prevent Your Pipes From Freezing This Winter

Jan 20, 2015

The weather outside can be frightful and damaging, especially when it comes to your pipes. Your home’s plumbing is vulnerable to cold temperatures that can easily dip below freezing. When it gets this cold, your pipes may freeze solid. 

Keep in mind that as water freezes, it also expands. This can cause your pipes to burst under the pressure, resulting in an unpleasant surprise once things warm up.

To prevent your pipes from freezing, follow these preventative steps:

  • Leave your kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors open. This allows warm air to circulate around plumbing hidden within or behind cabinets.
  • Open your kitchen and bathroom faucets slightly and allow cold water to drip. With a steady stream of running water inside your pipes, they’ll become much harder to freeze.
  • Leave your thermostat set to the same temperatures throughout the day and night. This may result in higher utility bills, but it’ll help prevent pipes from freezing.

Other preventative steps include identifying pipes that are most vulnerable to freezing and wrapping them in insulation. You should also consider adding an appropriate amount of insulation to your crawlspace and attic, as well as any other areas where cold temperatures can be an issue.

If you’re already dealing with frozen pipes, here’s what you can do:

  • Carefully apply heat to the affected pipe with an electric hair dryer or a heating pad. A hot towel is another option.
  • Open your faucets as you’re melting the ice. Water flow will return eventually and melt the remaining ice.

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