4 Signs Your Home's Plumbing May Be Ready for an Upgrade

4 Signs Your Home’s Plumbing May Be Ready for an Upgrade

Apr 21, 2015

If your Orlando house is more than a few decades old, it may be getting close to time for a home plumbing upgrade. While extensive plumbing repairs or replacement of your home plumbing system might seem like a huge investment, the cost of home restoration after a major plumbing failure can be overwhelming.

Why Plumbing Fails

As plumbing ages, several factors can lead to the need for a home plumbing upgrade. Metal pipes exposed to moisture and oxygen corrode and develop leaks over time. If your domestic water supply is hard, the minerals in it will form scale on the inner walls of your pipes that can eventually block flow through them. It is common for tree roots to block the flow through sewage drain lines.

Inspecting the visible parts of your home’s plumbing system regularly is a good way to keep tabs on potential problems. Minor leaks and slow drains may be inexpensive to repair, but they could indicate that the overall condition of your plumbing system needs your attention.

Signs of Impending Plumbing Problems

  • Stains: Discoloration or swelling of flooring or drywall could indicate hidden plumbing leaks.
  • Corrosion: Check pipes for rust, flaking or dimples that could indicate internal corrosion.
  • Leaks: Look for water dripping from joints, valves and corroded patches on pipes. A leak in one pipe could indicate that other pipes are also close to failure, since most of them will be about the same age.
  • Water color: Discolored water flowing from your pipes after you have not used your plumbing for several days could be an indication of internal pipe corrosion.
  • Slow drains: Sinks and showers that drain slowly could indicate a buildup of hair and other gunk or mineral scale that is restricting flow. If your house has a main floor drain that backs up, it could be a sign of a sewer line blockage.

Call us at Rinaldi’s for a complete plumbing inspection if you see signs that it may be time for a plumbing upgrade in your Orlando home. Our technicians are also available for emergency calls.

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