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Plumbing Maintenance That You Can Do for Your Home Before Calling in the Pros

Aug 28, 2014

There are plumbing maintenance tasks that a homeowner can undertake before bringing in a professional. Certain problems arise during the warmer months. Some preventative care can keep your plumbing running smoothly and prevent a small issue from becoming an expensive repair. However, there are some tasks that should be handled by a qualified technician  Here are common maintenance tasks that can be handled by homeowners.

  • Look for leaks from exposed pipes – The area around the location of a pipe exiting from a wall is a common spot where leaks may develop. A puddle on the ground or corrosion nearby are tell-tale signs of a growing leak.
  • Test water pressure – Low water pressure from a faucet or shower head may indicate that a buildup of debris exists in the fitting. There may also be a problem somewhere in the water supply line.
  • Check for slow drainage –  A clogged drain or blocked vent pipe can cause a slow drain problem in your sink or tub. If bubbles are seen, there is usually a clog. A gurgling sound may indicate a blockage in the vent pipe.
  • Inspect parts inside toilet – Remove the cover and check the flushing parts for obvious damage, rust, or missing pieces. Flush with the lid off to watch if operation is smooth. Check the flushing handle and look for leaks after flushing around the base. Finally, check the mounting bolts for a secure fit to the floor.
  • Check for cracked or loose tiles – Tiles that are pulling away from the wall can indicate there is a moisture problem underneath caused by leaking pipes. Cracks in the tiles is another sign of trouble. If there is a room located below, the ceiling may have water spots.
  • Inspect washing machine hoses – Check the supply hoses to your washing machine for cracks. Also, look for tight connections to the machine and supply valves. The drain hose should be fastened securely.

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