Don't Let Common Plumbing Problems Wreck Your Summer

Don’t Let Common Plumbing Problems Wreck Your Summer

Jun 5, 2014

There are certain kinds of common plumbing problems that occur in summer and don’t really turn up at any other time of the year. Keeping a watchful eye out for the situations that lead to these summertime problems can help avert an inconvenient loss of service and a whopping plumbing bill as well. Here are some things to look out for.

  • Everyone loves summer cookouts, but be careful what you do with waste foods afterward. Cooking oils often become dirty and greasy during grilling and these will clog up your sink quickly, so don’t dump them down the drain. If your sink has a garbage disposal, avoid putting half-eaten hard fruits and vegetables in it. A serious clog may require a service call to your plumber.
  • The downpours that usually come with summer thunderstorms can trigger one of the most common plumbing problems in summer, especially if there are any cracks in the pipes. Tree roots often cause these kind of cracks, and if high volumes of water get in, you may have a sewer line backup in your home. Be watchful for any such issues after heavy summer rains.
  • With kids home all summer, a lot more clothes from daily adventures will need to be washed. Make sure your wash machine is ready for the extra burden, and that someone is always home while it’s running, in case of any problems.
  • Another ‘benefit’ of kids being home all summer is the much greater use of toilets in your home. To avoid any clogging of toilets, instruct users to avoid excessive amounts of toilet paper which can easily jam a toilet.
  • Summer time means watering the lawn, so be sure your sprinkler heads are clean and ready for the season.

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