Preventative Maintenance: Learn Just How Vital It Is for Your HVAC System

Preventative Maintenance: Learn Just How Vital It Is for Your HVAC System

Feb 27, 2014

There’s a reason why the HVAC industry is so focused on HVAC inspections and preventative maintenance. It’s the single most important thing homeowners can do to increase energy efficiency, optimize HVAC equipment lifespan, and enjoy improved whole-house comfort and air quality.

What Is HVAC Preventative Maintenance?

First, the HVAC technician will perform a basic inspection of the system. We recommend scheduling your cooling system inspection in the spring, and the heating system inspection in the fall. By preparing your systems before the peak cooling and heating seasons begin, you’ll benefit from optimal energy savings and comfort.

After the inspection, the technician will complete a checklist of maintenance items. These actions will vary slightly depending on the system, but generally they include these tasks:

  • Verifying thermostat settings are accurate and the system cycles appropriately. He may calibrate the thermostat if necessary
  • Lubricating all moving mechanical parts to reduce friction and improve efficiency
  • Checking electrical connections, tightening them if necessary, and replacing any worn wires or connections
  • Verifying vents are free of dirt, debris and obstructions, and that they’re connected and routed properly
  • Inspecting fuel-burning implements to ensure the flame is healthy and parts are free of residual soot or debris.
  • Visually inspecting all parts for rust, corrosion, cracks or any other physical defects.
  • Cleaning and checking A/C and heat pump coils and condensate pan; checking refrigerant level and airflow.

Your technician will also replace the air filter if necessary, although this is one preventative maintenance step homeowners can and should do on their own. Get in the habit of inspecting the air filter monthly and changing when it looks dirty.

Why is Preventative Maintenance So Important?

The benefits of preventative maintenance are many, including:

  • Energy efficiency. As fuel prices remain high, every penny counts. The more efficient your HVAC system runs, the lower utility bills will be.
  • Reduced repair bills. Your semi-annual HVAC inspections identify red flags, and the technician can repair them before they grow into more debilitating and expensive repairs. Your system also will last longer, which saves money.
  • Protected warranty. Your warranty may depend on routine HVAC maintenance by a licensed technician.

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