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Preventative Maintenance

Our professional service technicians understand you air conditioning and heating system and can eliminate money-wasting problems. After serving our customer’s air conditioning needs since 1969 in Central Florida, we have developed a customized program that addresses the problems we encounter most often. The comprehensive service and maintenance agreement program we offer is designed to:

  • Reduce the possibility of an air conditioning or heating breakdown.
  • Provide preferential emergency service if the need ever arises.
  • Provide a 15% discount on all air conditioning and heating accessories, parts and labor.
  • Maintain or enhance your current level of comfort.
  • Lower heating and cooling costs.

We know that our satisfied customers have and will continue to be the secret of our success. We also believe that our Peak Performance Service Agreement program is the best way for us to keep our customers satisfied.

Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Maintenance Includes:

  • Condenser Coil fins will be cleaned as required. Dirty condenser coils raise refrigerant pressure higher than needed, increasing your electric bill.
  • Evaporator coil will be inspected as required. These coils become dirty because air filters only collect a portion of the particles in the air. A small amount of build up on this coil can decrease efficiency and increase operating costs and even cause compressor failure. The filter should be pleated and changed monthly.
  • Blower wheels will be inspected and cleaned as necessary. Dirty blower wheels reduce airflow. causing longer operating time and increased cost.
  • Refrigerant charge will be checked by the superheat and subcooling method. A low or high refrigerant can easily go unnoticed and increase operating costs and can cause compressor shutdown.
  • Air filter will be replaced if the customer has one on site. A restricted air filter can cause your air conditioning system to waste energy and shorten the life of the compressor. A pleated filter is recommended.
  • Lubrication of motors and bearings where applicable. Improperly lubricated rotating equipment will eventually fail.
  • Thermostats will be checked and calibrated as required. Improperly calibrated thermostats allow the unit to run longer than necessary. Every degree your air conditioning operates below 78 degrees can add 5% to 8% to the cost of cooling.
  • Controls and safeties will be inspected and tested. Controls and safeties that do not function properly can increase operating costs and cost other components to fail.
  • Motors will cleaned, inspected and the amp draw will be checked. Dirty motors or motors drawing high amperage are less efficient and will fail sooner.
  • Capacitors will be tested. Weak or bad capacitors will lead to compressor and motor failure.
  • Condensate drain will be checked to assure it is clear. Algae can plug a drain line, which can cause expensive water damage.
  • Crankcase heater will be checked. Faulty crankcase heater will cause compressor failure.
  • Relays and contactors will be inspected. Worn contacts and loose wire connections can cause motor or compressor failure.
  • Unit disconnects will be inspected. A worn disconnect blows fuses and is dangerous.
  • Unit wiring will be inspected and loose connections tightened. Loose connections can lead to a motor or compressor failure.
  • Temperature and pressures will be taken and recorded. An accurate record of your equipment’s vital data can indicate potential problems, which can be eliminated. A record will be kept with the unit, which may reduce emergency service time.
  • Ductwork will be checked for leaks and proper insulation. Unrepaired ductwork problems will increase utility costs by 30% or more. Accessible ductowrk will be inspected once annually.
  • Defrost control will be checked (heat pumps only). A defrost control that is not operating properly can cause a loss of heat and shorten the life of the compressor.
  • Reversing valve will be checked (heat pump only). A reversing valve not operating properly can waste energy and cause a loss of heat.
  • Electric heat strips will be checked. Heat strips not operating properly can cause a loss of heat or increase electric cost higher than necessary.


Gas and Oil Heating Maintenance Tune-ups Include:

-Heat exchangers, thermocouples, ignition systems, gas lines, oil lines, flue pipes, pilots and combustion air openings will all be checked for proper operation and for any excess wears or leaks.

-Burners and pilots will be cleaned.

-Safety controls and fan switch will be checked for proper operation. A faulty fan switch or safety control can cause dangerous problems.

-Air filters will be checked and replaced if customer has one on site.

-Blower wheels will be cleaned if needed and the motor will be lubricated.

-Thermostats will be checked and calibrated as required.

-Temperatures and performance will be recorded.


The peak performance preventive maintenance tune-ups are scheduled primarily for March and April in the Spring and October and November in the Fall. This program is a preventive one and is most beneficial when performed prior to peak seasons. Rinaldi’s also offer other products and services that will make your home as energy efficient as possible. These services include plumbing, window treatments, insulations, Icynene, solar, LED lighting and more.