Programmable Thermostats: Making The Smart Decision

Programmable Thermostats: Making The Smart Decision

May 1, 2012

If you’re in the market for a “smart” programmable thermostat, that’s a smart decision itself. Maintaining a regular heating/cooling schedule provides you with consistent home comfort, and saves energy all year long. Choose the right programmable thermostat that matches your heating/cooling system, your schedule, and offers the features that makes saving energy easier.

First, identify your heating/cooling system, and match the compatible thermostat. For instance, if you have a multispeed heating/cooling system, choose the thermostat for “two-stage or multistage” identified on the packaging. If you have a heat pump, or a zoned system, you’ll need a thermostat specific for those systems. In other words, unless you are absolutely certain of your system and the possible advanced features, it’s better to consult a heating and cooling pro.

Program Options

Take the time to write down your household’s weekly schedule. Keep in mind Monday through Friday scheduling, evening scheduling and weekend scheduling. Most programmable thermostats come pre-programmed with a typical Monday through Friday work-week schedule. You may fine-tune that, or program an entirely new schedule.

For busy households, a seven-day thermostat works well, which allows a separate program for each day. The 5+2 thermostat is programmable for one Monday through Friday schedule, and one separate weekend schedule. There’s also a 5+1+1 for busy weekend schedules, and the basic one-week thermostat with only one program.


Programmable thermostats are available from basic models to advanced models with features like Wi-Fi and cell phone linkability. These are some of the “smart” features available:

  • Temporary override “hold” button for quick schedule or temperature changes.
  • Keypad lock to deter tampering.
  • Six daily temperature settings (the standard is four daily temperature settings).
  • Removable interface for comfortable programming anywhere in your home.
  • Advanced recovery feature that slowly brings your home up to temperature — on time — in the most economical way.
  • Battery backup (for power outages).
  • Alerts for low battery, filter changes, and heating/cooling malfunctions.

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