Seasonal Shutdown Tips for Your A/C

Protecting Your Air Conditioner From The Cold Is Simple With Rinaldi’s Seasonal Shutdown Tips

Nov 3, 2011

With winter on its way, you are probably more concerned with how your heating equipment will perform than how well your cooling equipment is protected. However, it is important not to neglect this in order to make sure you will not face an unexpected surprise when spring arrives and your air conditioner doesn’t work.

Follow these simple steps to make sure your cooling system is prepared for the upcoming cold weather:

Shut Off Power
This should be done before you do any sort of work to your cooling equipment. This keeps you safe from electrocution and ensures your A/C does not accidentally turn back on during the winter. If it does turn on, the condensing unit will begin to use water to cool the air — water that can freeze and damage the equipment.

Cover The Outdoor Unit
Breathable, waterproof covers are ideal for protecting the unit from the elements such as rain or wet leaves. They can help prevent rust and freezing of internal components. They are inexpensive and can save you from costly repairs.

Clean The Outdoor Unit
Use a water hose to spray down the fan blades and condensing coils. This will help knock off any debris and dirt. Keep other sorts of debris swept away as well.

Prepare Water Lines
Drain your air conditioner pipes and hoses to expel any water that could freeze and crack the equipment.

Inspect The Casing
Look for rust or cracks in the casing that could be allowing debris to get in and hinder your cooling equipment’s performance. Contact an HVAC expert if you detect any damage.

Following these simple steps will make sure your air conditioner is ready in the spring. For more information, contact Rinaldi’s Air Conditioningtoday.  We have proudly served central Florida for more than four decades.

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