These Signs Mean You're Working With a Quality HVAC Business

These Signs Mean You’re Working With a Quality HVAC Business

Feb 7, 2017

These Signs Mean You're Working With a Quality HVAC BusinessFinding the right HVAC consultant can be challenging. Whether you’re planning an HVAC replacement or just looking for someone to do repairs, you know that the costs can be high. That means you need a company that’s trustworthy and that won’t give you the runaround. So how do you go about hiring a quality HVAC consultant who gives good customer service?

What to Look for in an HVAC Company

Look for these signs that an HVAC company is reputable.

Licensed contractor

In Florida, HVAC contractors must be licensed. Do not hire anyone without a current contractor’s license.

Insured and bonded

A reputable company should carry insurance in case mishaps occur, so that you are protected.


A company that has been around for a while can demonstrate that they have been providing satisfactory service to customers for many years. Ask for references, and check them.

Professional-looking website and phone contact

When you make contact with the company, be it by phone or email, the response should be courteous, quick and professional.

Products meet EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) standards

A reputable company will be up on the latest environmental standards and will ensure that the products they sell and install meet these standards.

Good reviews

Although you have to be a bit skeptical about online reviews on sites such as Yelp, you can usually get an idea of how reputable a company is by carefully studying the content of the reviews. Look for particular details and ask the contractor about the reviews during the interview process.

Technicians make a good impression

A good HVAC company should have well-trained, certified technicians who wear neat company uniforms. The company vans should be in good repair and well stocked with spare parts so that technicians don’t have to make a return visit to complete repairs.

Company provides written warranties

Although companies generally warranty new equipment, services may not be included in the contract. Be sure the warranty includes service and that you get it in writing.

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