Why We Love Smart Thermostats So Much

Smart Thermostats: Why We Love Them

Feb 14, 2019
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Smart Thermostats: Why We Love ThemIf you’re not the type of homeowner who jumps on the bandwagon of every new technology trend, you may think all the fuss being made about smart thermostats is a bit over-exaggerated. The fact is, smart home HVAC controls can bring you some impressive benefits that you’ll quickly learn to love as much as we do, including:

Remote HVAC Access

With a basic thermostat, setting adjustments always have to be made at the device. Smart thermostats have built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, so once you download the manufacturer’s app, you can access information on current conditions in your home and adjust the comfort settings from virtually anywhere; all you need is an internet connection.

User-Friendly Design

Smart thermostats are designed with big, easy-to-read display screens, so you won’t have to struggle to see tiny numbers. Their user-friendly interface makes it easy to access all your system’s settings without having to figure out which tiny button to press.

Effortless System Control

A smart thermostat helps make system monitoring and maintenance ultra-convenient. You’ll get alerts when the air filter needs changing, and reminders about routine preventive maintenance. Some models even monitor the system and notify your HVAC pro about developing problems. They can also keep tabs on the weather conditions, and manage add-ons like your whole-house air cleaner or dehumidifier to ensure a comfortable, healthy home environment.

Easy Learning Curve

Are you leery of investing in smart technology because of the hassle of programming a complicated new device? There’s no need to because it just involves entering temperature setbacks based on your daily schedule, just like a regular programmable thermostat.

Optimal Energy Savings

Learning thermostats can provide even greater energy savings than basic programmable models. Once you enter your comfort settings, the device starts learning your habits and refines its programming intuitively to trim your HVAC-related energy consumption. You’ll also have real-time access to all your energy usage data, and get a monthly breakdown in report form so you can easily track how much you’re saving.

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