Understanding How Solar Energy Can Work For You

Understanding How Solar Energy Can Work For You

Aug 2, 2012

Anyone would be happy to get rid of their monthly electric bill and still keep the lights on. Installing a solar power system, which includes photovoltaic panels, a battery bank and power inverter, and wiring them into your home’s electrical system, can give you just that. The thought of spending a lot of money up front, even for a lifetime free of a monthly expense, keeps many people from taking advantage of solar energy, but all it takes is understanding how solar energy can work for your home.

  • Sunshine, the source of solar radiation that’s captured with solar equipment and stored as electricity, is free and constantly replenished. After the cost of buying and installing solar equipment is recouped from savings on utility expenses, the electricity generated and used is free, or nearly free. And if you generate more than you use, you may be able to sell the excess to your local utility and earn money.
  • Not only does solar energy save you money (and sometimes may enable you to earn some money), it increases the value of your home. The EPA reports that a solar power system increases a home’s value by as much as $25 for every $1 reduction in yearly energy bills.
  • A home equipped with a solar power system is free from the inconvenience and danger of power outages. Outages from natural disasters, severe weather and peak usage power shutdowns don’t affect a home that generates its own electricity.
  • Solar power is green energy. It doesn’t create any polluting by-products while producing energy, and it doesn’t require any fossil fuels or non-sustainable processes.

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