A Guide To Selecting A Solar Hot Water Heater

A Guide To Selecting A Solar Hot Water Heater

Oct 18, 2012

Before buying a solar-powered water heater, you need to know the amount of water you use on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. This will help you evaluate the different systems available and identify the best brand or model that fits your requirements. Here is a short guide on selecting a solar hot water heater for your home.

Choosing the right type for your location
Solar water heater systems are either active or passive. Active systems use an electronic control that circulates heat-transfer fluid. These systems have either direct or indirect circulation systems. Passive systems, on the other hand, use natural convection to circulate fluid and heat the water. Active systems are ideal for colder climates or areas that require year-round operation while passive systems are best for warmer climates or areas that require two- to three-season operation.

Choosing the right size or capacity
The water heater should meet the hot water requirements of your household in order to be efficient. In general, the average hot water requirement of each member of your household is about 13.2 gallons, so you will need about 66 gallons for a five-member household. Add another 13.2 gallons for general use and you have a good estimate of the minimum amount your water heater should be able to hold.

Choosing the type of storage
You can either use a pumped storage or a thermosyphon. A pumped storage uses a pump to move water, so it can be installed on any available location in or out of the house. A thermosyphon tank, on the other hand, is placed in an elevated location and uses gravity to push water into the house. Which one you choose will depend on the space you have and your preference.

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