The Importance of The Energy Star

The Energy Star: Allow It To Guide You In Your Home Comfort Decisions

Oct 27, 2011

Air conditioning is not a luxury in a climate like that experienced in the Orlando area, nor is careless energy consumption. Keeping this in mind, Orlando homeowners will want to make sure their home comfort equipment meets the federal Energy Star program‘s standards. Appliances that have earned the Energy Star label will not only conserve greenhouse gas use but will also help you save on your energy bill.

Central air conditioning units are the most efficient home comfort products. Energy Star-certified central air conditioning units have passed a test that gives them a good SEER, or seasonal energy efficiency ratio, rating. The SEER score measures the amount of energy the unit uses to produce its cooling output. The minimum SEER rating for units on the market today is 13. The greater the SEER for the unit you purchase, the more potential savings you will see on your energy costs.

Other energy-compliant features to look for in a air conditioning unit include a filter check light to remind you when to change the filter, a variable speed air handler, and a fan-only switch to reduce energy use when you use the air conditioner at night.

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