Preparing Your HVAC for The Holidays

To-Do List for Preparing Your HVAC for the Holidays

Nov 15, 2018
To-Do List for Preparing Your HVAC for the Holidays

To-Do List for Preparing Your HVAC for the HolidaysNow that the holidays have arrived, it’s time to make some decisions. Will you host a party for family and friends? Will you go on vacation instead? Will you do both? No matter what you choose, here are some holiday HVAC concerns that you should tackle:

Hire a Qualified Technician

Once per year, you should hire an HVAC technician to help maintain the system’s efficiency and prolong its operational lifespan. He or she will also be able to point out any maintenance needs and give you advice for better performance.

Change the Air Filter

Air filters should be checked and then either replaced or cleaned (depending on the type) every 1-3 months. This will help keep your furnace running efficiently and maintain cleaner air throughout the holiday season.

Pick an Area for Your Party

If you plan to host a party, the worst thing you can do is force your heating system to continuously switch on and off as people move from indoors to outdoors and back again. Decide where your party is going to be and then keep them in that area as much as possible.

Maintain Your Chosen Temperature

Once you’ve chosen a specific temperature that the members of your household are comfortable with, you should try to stick with that choice. A little deviation is fine here and there, but if you reach for the thermostat’s controls every time the temperature drops a few degrees, your energy usage and expenses will go up very quickly.

Enlist the Help of a Friend While on Vacation

Vacations are wonderful events for the entire family, but returning to a home that has been burglarized or experienced a broken pipe can ruin all the good times you had. There are multiple precautions you can take, but the best idea is to find someone you trust to house-sit while you’re away from home.

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