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Top 3 Signs of a Failing HVAC

May 5, 2023

It’s one of the things we take for granted in our households. During the winter, it keeps us warm; during the summer, it keeps us cool. We’re talking about your HVAC unit. We rely on it for comfort unless it is the perfect day outside. But what do we do when it starts breaking down? Furthermore, how can we tell if it is breaking down in the first place?

Here, we will explore the top three ways you can tell if your HVAC unit is breaking down on you. We’ll let you know if you can do anything to fix it on your own or when to call an expert. One thing is for sure; on the coldest and hottest days, you don’t want to be without your HVAC unit.

Here are the top three signs of a failing HVAC unit:

1. Your AC is blowing hot air

It’s a hot summer day; suddenly, it’s getting… hotter? This is certainly not what you want in the summertime, and even worse, it is a sign that your HVAC is failing. Why does this happen? Well, it could be for several reasons.

You may have thermostat issues. If it’s your thermostat, it’s not your HVAC, which is good news. Your thermostat may be low on batteries. Less often, the physical placement of your thermostat could be giving you issues. If it is in an area with the sun shining, that will affect its temperature read. These are called “ghost readings.”

Your HVAC system could be running low on freon. Depending on your HVAC age, it might simply be time for more. It could also be a damaged compressor. Finally, your HVAC might be leaking coolant. All these issues warrant calling a professional, with leaking coolant being the most urgent.

2. Airflow issues

Weak airflow from the furnace or your AC is not a good sign, but you might be able to do something about it on your own. To try and fix this problem yourself, try some of these remedies:

  • Check out your air filters. If your air filters are clogged, there’s nowhere for the air to go. Clogged air filters cause weak airflow, but if your HVAC smells musty, that could also be the cause. You should at least check your filters once a month to prevent this from happening.
  • Go around your home or apartment and open all the vents and registers. This will allow you to see if all of your vents have issues or if it is just one specific vent. If it is one specific vent, likely, your HVAC is not shutting down.
  • If your air ducts are leaking, seal them with aluminum foil tape. This is a DIY solution, but you should still call an expert to come over if you are experiencing this so they can fix the issue with more than just a band-aid approach.

If you have tried all these things and still aren’t getting the airflow you expect, your HVAC might fail. This likely indicates compression failure and will require you to call an expert.

3. Weird noises

Much like a dog might growl at you to warn you to stay away, an HVAC unit making noises doesn’t necessarily mean it has failed, but it does mean that you need to do something about it soon. This could be anything from rattling, buzzing, hissing, squealing, etc. You should contact your local expert if anything out of the blue seems weird. It might be a small fix, or it might be that your HVAC is on the outs.

Honorable mention: The bills are getting higher

This could be for many reasons, but if you can’t pinpoint why your utility bills are increasing, you might want to call a professional and request that they inspect your HVAC unit. It could save you a lot of money down the road.

If you need an HVAC professional, please contact Rinaldi’s Energy Solutions today!