4 Reasons For Using An Air Purification System

4 Reasons For Using An Air Purification System

Aug 9, 2012

Our HVAC systems can do a great deal more for us than simply cooling and dehumidifying the air. They can also clean and purify the environment, which is of particular value to allergy sufferers, asthmatics and the high percentage of our population in Orlando who are 55 and older. 

Whole-house air purifiers use the same basic technology as do room air purifiers, but apply it to your whole house via your HVAC system.

Here are four reasons to look into a whole-house air purification system to improve the indoor air quality in your home.

  1. Scale: Single-room air purifiers are only able to clean relatively small spaces, and typically those spaces need to be enclosed for the technology to work. Opening a door can negate their function. A whole-house system allows you to treat your entire house as an envelope, rather than all its rooms as a series of separate envelopes. You can move around freely without entering pockets of increased contamination.
  2. System effectiveness: The more complete air changes your environment is subject to, the cleaner and healthier it’s likely to be. Using high efficiency particle arrestor (HEPA) filters can remove more than 99 percent of the physical contamination being moved around your home by the HVAC installation.
  3. Economic installation: Retrofitting an air purification installation to a pre-existing HVAC system allows all the original ductwork, the same air handler and the same registers to be used. This can represent substantial savings on both installation and maintenance costs.
  4. Convenience: The equipment used for whole-house air purification is discrete and is usually located in the attic or crawlspace where your ductwork runs. Single-room air purifiers are bulky, free-standing machines that must be located, plugged in and switched on and off in the room they serve.

Creating and maintaining an environment which is suitable for you and your family increases both safety and comfort. The savings that can be enjoyed by installing a whole-house system, rather than a series of free-standing units in separate rooms, can be substantial.

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