Everything You Need to Know About a Variable Speed Furnace

How to Save Energy this Winter with a Variable-Speed Furnace

Dec 15, 2015

How to Save Energy this Winter with a Variable-Speed FurnaceOrlando-area homeowners who are upgrading their furnace have the perfect opportunity to invest in equipment that will save significant amounts of money. A variable-speed furnace provides a heating system that runs efficiently, produces excellent heating, and operates at a lower cost. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider a variable-speed furnace for your home.

What is a Variable-Speed Furnace?

A variable-speed furnace is a heating system that contains air handling equipment that operates at two different levels. The air handler, or blower, is the device that moves warm air from the furnace into the ductwork, and out through vents throughout your home. In older heating equipment, the air handler ran at only one speed. No matter how much heating was needed inside the home, the furnace would move a set amount of heated air into your home. This often meant that more heating was supplied than was needed. In addition, the blower always consumed the same amount of energy no matter the amount of heating needed.

Variable-speed blowers can shift to a lower speed when less heating is needed for indoor comfort. This lower speed saves money by using less energy and moving less heated air through the system. The response to temperature changes at the thermostat is more precise, allowing the heating equipment to produce heat more accurately.

Benefits of a Variable-Speed Furnace

In addition to improved operation and money-saving operation, a variable-speed furnace offers benefits such as:

  • Quieter operation: Since the air handler runs more often at a lower speed, there is less noise from the system as heated air is distributed.
  • Better heating control: Since the variable-speed furnace is better at producing the amount of heating needed, the equipment will allow homeowners a higher level of control over the temperature inside their houses.

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