Keep the Cool Air Inside with These Summer Weatherization Tips

Keep the Cool Air Inside with These Summer Weatherization Tips

Aug 12, 2014

Keeping your home cool during the summer is about more than having a powerful air conditioner. Trapping cool air inside and preventing hot air from coming in are crucial components of a comfortable home during a sweltering Florida summer. With a few simple but effective summer weatherization tips, you may be able to stay cool while saving a lot of money on your energy bills. 

Sealing air leaks

Your windows and doors are the most porous locations in your home, but you can seal air leaks with good old fashioned caulk or even scrap materials like newspapers. Hot air will try and get in your home any way it can, so blocking all known entrances is crucial. Your attic can also be a major source of cooling loss if it is not properly insulated. Even making small attic insulation improvements can have a big impact on keeping your home cool throughout the summer.

The little things matter

Any little thing you can do to stay cool is a great way to reduce the load your air conditioner carries. Installing a screen on your door is a great way to allow evening breezes into your home, and making sure shades and shutters are closed during the day will keep the suns rays from warming surfaces. If you’re still not satisfied with the temperature your home can maintain during the summer, an energy audit from an HVAC professional may be in order.

Tackle the humidity

Everyone in Florida knows that how hot you feel in the summer is amplified by the region’s high levels of humidity. Many air conditioning units dehumidify the air while also cooling it, but you can buy a separate dehumidifier if the levels of water vapor are still too high.

With these summer weatherization tips, you’ll be prepared to handle the hottest days a Florida summer can throw at you. For more professional advice about improving your cooling efficiency and other issues related to home comfort, please contact us at Rinaldi’s Air Conditioning Service. We’ve been providing valuable services to the Central Florida area since 1969.

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