Tips Before Moving Your HVAC System
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What to Consider Before Relocating Your HVAC System

Dec 4, 2018

What to Consider Before Relocating Your HVAC SystemMoving your HVAC system, whether indoors or outdoors, isn’t easy or cheap. As you might guess, all those ducts, refrigeration lines and wiring have to be disconnected and reconnected and it’s pretty challenging. Do not embark on an HVAC relocation unless you fully understand the costs and complications.

Why an HVAC Relocation?

There are many reasons why homeowners might want to relocate their HVAC, like if it is:

  • In the way.
  • Creating a landscaping challenge.
  • Prone to flooding or too noisy.
  • Within street view and is unsightly or a tempting target for thieves.
  • On the property line after rezoning.
  • Where there is erosion of land.
  • Difficult to access.
  • Affecting a remodel or addition.

Indoor moves of the furnace or evaporator and air handler, along with the ductwork and exhaust vent, are generally necessary because of a redesign or renovation.

What’s Involved With an Outdoor Move

If you really need to move the condenser, here’s what’s involved:

  • Unit can’t be located more than a few feet away from the home, as there are restrictions on how far the line set can extend, and what sort of slope it can be set on to ensure compressor works properly.
  • Refrigerant line can’t be stretched or bent.
  • Before moving, unit must have refrigerant pumped down or back into it. Copper lines, which are only available in certain lengths and are quite expensive, must be replaced. They require welding or splicing to an extension which must be the same size and diameter of the line set. After reconnection, refrigerant must be pumped back into the system, and then vacuum initiated to keep out moisture and air.
  • Must run new thermostat wiring, then insulate copper line sets, and cover the entire line set.
  • Pad must be moved and unit re-leveled.
  • System must be restarted.

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