How Are Wi-Fi Thermostats Beneficial?

How Are Wi-Fi Thermostats Beneficial?

Jun 29, 2017

How Are Wi-Fi Thermostats Beneficial?Have you ever daydreamed about being able to adjust your heating and cooling system when you’re not at home? Investing in a Wi-Fi thermostat can make that dream a reality, and you’ll really appreciate the remote control it provides if you travel a lot, or you have a second property like an Air BnB or vacation home.

Understanding the Basics of Wi-Fi Thermostats

Like programmable models, Wi-Fi thermostats let you program heating and cooling parameters based on your daily and weekly schedule. The big difference is that these tech-savvy thermostats also sync with your Wi-Fi router to connect to the Internet. Once it’s installed, you simply download the manufacturer’s app to your smart phone, laptop, tablet or other Wi-Fi-enabled device, and you have access to the thermostat and remote control of your HVAC system.

Advantages of Wi-Fi Thermostats

With a Wi-Fi thermostat, you can program in custom temperature settings based on your typical daily routine to reduce your energy bills. You’ll also gain some other big benefits too, including:

  • Saving on repairs. A Wi-Fi thermostat continuously monitors your HVAC system’s operation, and lets you set up email alerts to warn you of issues that need attention, like a clogged air filter or low refrigerant charge. This helps you keep the equipment in top condition, so you spend less on repairs.
  • Unparalleled convenience. One big advantage that a Wi-Fi thermostat gives you is the ability to change your HVAC system’s settings and functions from almost any distance away. This is extremely beneficial if you travel often and your return dates are unpredictable, or you make frequent last-minute weekend getaways to your vacation home and you’d like to have it at a comfortable temperature when you arrive.
  • Greater comfort. Just like programmable models, Wi-Fi thermostats gives you precise control over your home’s comfort level. Another beneficial feature is the thermostat’s ability to track the current outdoor conditions and weather forecast, then alert you when adjustments are needed in your temperature settings to maintain comfort.

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