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Choosing the Right Type of Window Film is Important — Here are Some Choices

Dec 11, 2014

When considering cost effective ways to lower your energy bills, window film is a smart choice. Window film can lower your cooling cost by 30%. It reduces glare,and blocks UV rays by as much as 99%. It reduces the chance of flying glass sherds in extreme weather and makes unlawful entry into your home by windowpanes or glass doors much more difficult. It also helps to maintain a uniform temperature through out your home or office, depending upon the type of window film used. In fact, the type of window film used is key. There are four main types of window film-

  1. Security-This type of film increases the shatter resistance of your windows or glass doors
  2. Privacy- Window film comes in tints of varying degrees. The darker the tint, the more private the space.
  3. Heat and light protection- This type of window film can reduce heating and cooling costs by blocking radiant heat, keeping hot air out and the cooler air inside. It blocks UV. rays by 80 to 90%, which can contribute to the fading of furniture and carpets.
  4. Decoration-  window film comes in many patterns and color tints. Choices such as stained glass, frosted or etched glass designs can be used to enhance the beauty of your home.

While window film does come with instructions for self installation, why not give the experts at Rinaldi’s Energy Solutions a call. They have been proudly serving thecentral Florida area since 1969, and they can determine what type of window film is right for your home and  correctly install it as well. Contact the professionals at Rinaldi’s with all of your energy concerns. They are on call 24/7 to answer all of your questions and needs.

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