How to Best Winterize Your HVAC System

How to Best Winterize Your HVAC System

Oct 10, 2017
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How to Best Winterize Your HVAC SystemOnce our Orlando cooling season ends, it’s time to get your HVAC system ready for the winter months ahead. Winterizing your HVAC keeps all the cooling components in good condition and ensures safe, reliable operation of the heating components. Here are some winterization best practices to follow for specific components of your HVAC system:

Air Conditioner

The outdoor unit houses the compressor and condenser, and these essential A/C components can sustain damage from pests like nesting rodents, or develop corrosion and rust from rain and high humidity. To keep them in good repair throughout the winter:

  • Flip the unit’s breaker and outdoor shutoff switch to stop the flow of electricity.
  • Clean up dead vegetation and yard debris from around the cabinet.
  • Open the cabinet’s access panel and remove any collected debris from the interior.
  • Gently wash off any accumulated dust and debris like stuck-on grass trimmings from the unit with your garden hose.
  • After letting the unit dry completely, put on a ventilated, fitted cover if your HVAC pro has advised using one.
  • Don’t use coverings like a plastic tarp, since they can trap moisture and condensation and cause rust development.

Heat Pump or Furnace

If you heat and cool your home with a heat pump, you can follow the above steps to winterize the outdoor unit. Additionally:

  • This unit is also used for heating over the winter months, so make sure you restore power when you’re done, and don’t cover the cabinet.
  • Switch your heat pump system from cooling to heating mode on your thermostat.
  • Replace the system’s air filter, then check it monthly during the winter. Put in a fresh filter whenever there are visible signs of debris.
  • Schedule professional furnace or heat pump maintenance to have the entire system inspected, cleaned and tuned up so it runs reliably and efficiently. If you have a gas furnace, getting the burner, heat exchanger, vent system, and other key components maintained is also vital to avert gas leaks or exposure to carbon monoxide.

For expert help winterizing your HVAC system, contact the Orlando home comfort pros at Rinaldi’s Energy Solutions.

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