Reversing Your Ceiling Fan in Warmer Months Can Have Huge Benefits

Reversing Your Ceiling Fan in Warmer Months Can Have Huge Benefits

May 27, 2014

Summer will be arriving soon in central Florida, and it will be time to turn on those air conditioners. Running your air conditioner to stay cool brings higher utility costs, and no one likes shelling out extra money. However, what choice is there when it’s uncomfortable outside? One tip to saving money is reversing your ceiling fan during the summer months. 

Ceiling fans are an exceptional way to save on cooling costs. They come with a slider switch that controls the direction of the fan. During winter months, the fan should be rotating clockwise, which pulls up cooler air to displace the warmer air near the ceiling. The displaced warm air is pushed out toward the walls where it will descend without blowing directly on you.

During the summer months, you want the fan to run counter-clockwise. To determine the correct direction, stand under your fan. If it is turning clockwise, then it’s set for winter use. Reversing your ceiling fan is as simple as shutting off the fan and moving the sliding directional switch to an alternate position. Turn on the fan and check to ensure it is turning counter-clockwise. If it is, then it is the correct direction. This fan direction will push cool air downward into your living space where you want it.

The pushing action creates a “wind-chill” type effect when the cool air comes into contact with your warmer skin. The warm moisture on your skin will evaporate much quicker leaving you with a feeling of being cooler even though the room temperature is still the same. By taking advantage of this “wind-chill” effect, you can move your thermostat up a few degrees so your air conditioner will not be cycling on and off as often.

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