How to Prepare Your Home's HVAC System for a Vacation

Spring Vacation? Make Sure Your Home Is Prepared

Apr 6, 2017

Spring Vacation? Make Sure Your Home Is PreparedAre you looking forward to an incredible spring vacation? We know it can be exciting, but make sure you don’t leave without taking care of business first. To help you out, we’ve compiled a few ways to prepare your home before you take off:

Adjust the Thermostat

Since you’re not going to be at home, there’s really no reason for your heating or cooling system to be running. That’s nothing more than a waste of energy. You can adjust the temperature if you have plants to worry about, but if not, just shut down the thermostat entirely.

Turn Off the Water Heater

Maintaining the temperature of the water in your water heater is a waste of time since you won’t be using it. Turning off the unit will save you some money while you’re gone.

Switch Off Water Valves

You definitely don’t want to return home to a flooded home. Sure, a burst pipe probably won’t happen, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Shutting off the water valve connected to your home’s toilets, sinks, washing machine, and dishwasher will help you avoid this possibility.

Don’t Turn Off All the Lights

Since you won’t be using the lights in your home, you may instinctively turn all of them off. However, you don’t want any nefarious type person to know that you’re not on a spring vacation. Either leave on a single light for the entire time or utilize a timer to switch it on and off.

Monitor Your Home Through an App

Security of your home while you’re away is of the utmost importance. What’s great about today’s technology is that it’s easier than ever. All you need is an inexpensive webcam (or webcams) in your home and a smartphone app that will allow you to monitor what’s going on from a remote location.

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