Using UV Lights to Control Bioaerosols

Using UV Lights to Control Bioaerosols

Mar 7, 2013

Many industries, such as health care, food processing and water treatment plants, have been using UV lights to destroy biological contaminants to protect their facilities, product and occupants for many years. Find out how UV light technology can help protect you and loved ones from viruses, germs and bacteria and help protect your Orlando home from mold and mildew.

How UV light systems work

Adequate amounts of UV (ultraviolet) light energy kills or neutralizes many harmful biological contaminants by altering their DNA. UV light destroys exposed biological contaminants without altering or harming air, water or food, and no chemical residue is left behind after treatment.

Using UV lights in your home

A UV light system introduces UV light into a sealed environment—your home’s ductwork. Ducted UV lights are completely safe and very effective for killing airborne bioaerosols in your home. The UV light system consists of one or two UV bulbs that are installed inside the ductwork near the furnace or heat pump. There’s no maintenance required other than changing a bulb when needed.

As air circulates through the ductwork, it’s exposed to the UV lights, and harmful bioaerosols are quickly wiped out. This helps reduce the threat of contracting health ailments from many viruses and bacteria. In addition to protecting household occupants, UV light systems help protect against mold and bacterial growth on the surfaces of HVAC equipment, which could spread to the rest of your home.

If mold begins to grow on your heating and cooling system or inside the ductwork, you will soon recognize the nasty, musty odor. As any Orlando homeowner knows, controlling mold and mildew is a job for all seasons in this humid climate.

Using UV lights protects against bioaerosols, but it does not remove airborne particulates and pollution. Combining a UV light system with a whole-house air purification system is ideal for improving indoor air quality.

Using UV lights is a great defense for your health, comfort and home. For more information, contact Rinaldi’s Energy Solutionstoday. We provide quality HVAC service and installation for Orlando area homeowners.

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