Ways to prepare Your HVAC for Spring

Ways to Prepare Your HVAC for Spring

Mar 14, 2019
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Ways to Prepare Your HVAC for SpringSpring comes early in our part of the world. In fact, we sometimes use our air conditioners right through the winter, with the occasional switch to the furnace: all the more reason to get spring HVAC preventative maintenance. Spring is as good a reason as any to call your HVAC tech and schedule an appointment.

And while you’re waiting for your tech’s visit, you can do a few things that will ensure the system keeps running right.

A/C Spring Prep

  1. Change your air filter. If you don’t do this regularly, you should. A clean filter ensures the air will flow evenly through your HVAC system, and that you’re keeping dirt out. This will help your system run cooler, so the parts will last longer.
  2. Clear a 2-foot area around the outdoor condenser. Check for weeds, leaves, yard furniture and tools, or any other obstructions around the unit. Trim shrubs and limbs back. Check the coils and fins for dirt and mud; if need be, wash down the unit. This will help maintain good air flow.
  3. Uncover the condenser. If you cover up the cover in the winter, uncover it. Check for any unwanted visitors who may have taken up residence over winter in the condenser housing.
  4. Check the vents and registers indoors for obstructions. Remove carpets, drapes, furniture or any other items that may have made their way in front of or on top of registers and vents. These need to be clear so that the supply and return air can flow as needed.
  5. Clean ceiling fan blades. These fans are key to supplementing your heating and cooling. Clean the blades so they don’t drag. Reverse blades to run counterclockwise in the summer; this will push cool air down, and lift warm air up.
  6. Schedule preventative maintenance. Call your HVAC company to check your system’s refrigerant levels, thermostat, controls, coils, blower, electric wiring and other parts to ensure the system runs right all during cooling season.

For more on spring HVAC preparation, contact Rinaldi’s Energy Solutions. We serve the Orlando area.

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