Cost Savings: A/C Replacement in Winter

Cost Savings: A/C Replacement in Winter

Nov 7, 2017

Cost Savings: A/C Replacement in WinterMany people don’t think about A/C replacement until summer comes. Once the first heat wave hits, the drawbacks of hanging onto that old, worn-out air conditioner become hard to ignore. That’s when they start shopping around for a new, improved unit. However, there are some definite advantages to consider A/C replacement during the heating season, instead.

Here are a few good reasons to be thinking ahead to cool comfort next summer — even though it’s still winter outside:

Buy when demand is low.

It’s a simple fact that purchasing most big-ticket items during the off-season is often less expensive than waiting until seasonal demand is at its peak. Prices of units as well as the cost of installation are usually higher during summer when many people are attempting to purchase a new air conditioner. Because HVAC contractors like to keep sales moving and crews working year-round, better deals are often available in the off-season when work may be slow.

Replace before it fails.

If your worn-out air conditioner is already unreliable and providing sub-standard performance, it may not make it through the coming summer. Air conditioners that have reached the end of their expected service life have a tendency to fail around the time of seasonal start-up at the beginning of summer. You then have act quickly to get cooling for the summer season by paying for more repairs to the old clunker or by purchasing a new unit in a hurry—without taking the time to shop carefully. Resolving the issue by replacing the A/C before it fails completely is a better option.

Beat the annual price increases.

Manufacturers typically raise prices on new A/C units in late spring, just before the summer rush begins. Making a buying decision during winter, instead, may deliver substantial savings on a new unit that will have a higher sticker price in just a few months.

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