What's the Difference Between First Time & Lifetime A/C Replacement Costs?

What’s the Difference Between First Time & Lifetime A/C Replacement Costs?

Apr 28, 2015

It is important to understand the difference between first time costs and lifetime costs when you replace your air conditioner. The need to replace your A/C equipment is more likely to be a surprise rather than a planned event. If you have not budgeted in advance for A/C replacement costs, you may be tempted to buy the least expensive equipment you can find and get it installed as cheaply as possible. While this strategy may represent a smaller initial hit to your bank account, it could cost you a lot more in the long run than a higher quality system will.

The first cost of your A/C system is the price of the equipment plus the cost of installation. Lifetime A/C replacement costs also include the cost of energy, maintenance and repairs for the life of the system. As you discuss replacement systems with your HVAC contractor, you will notice that the expected lifetime costs go down as the first cost goes up. The lifetime costs of an A/C system are influenced by several factors that tend to improve as the initial cost of the system goes up:

  • Energy costs. The amount of electricity required to run your system is the largest factor in its lifetime costs. Modern high-end, high-efficiency systems use the latest technologies, such as two-stage compression and variable-speed air handlers, to provide optimum home comfort with as little energy use as possible.
  • Reliability. Up-front cost is a good indication of the quality of materials and labor that went into an air conditioner’s manufacture. High quality units are likely to need fewer major repairs than cheaper systems, so your lifetime costs will be lower.
  • Maintenance costs. Professionally installed high-end equipment is less likely to have chronic maintenance problems than cheaper systems. More expensive air conditioners are built to higher standards than cheaper systems. Their higher quality is reflected in lower maintenance costs.

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