Air Conditioners and Their Most Common Problems: What to Look For

Air Conditioners and Their Most Common Problems: What to Look For

May 2, 2013

Another hot and humid Florida summer is headed your way, and your air conditioner is already acting up. What can you do about it? Below are some common issues and solutions on how both homeowners and service professionals can address these situations.

Operator error

Issue:  You are not using the air conditioner as intended, such as leaving windows and doors open while running the air. You are using a room unit to service the entire house.

Homeowner: Become knowledgeable about the product that you purchased and its standard operating instructions. If you did not get a manual with your unit, you can usually find this information on the manufacturer’s website.

Installation issues

Issue:  Your air conditioner was not installed properly, resulting in leaky ducts and low airflow.

Professional:  Hire a trained technician to fix the ducts leaks and test the repair.

Maintenance issues

Issue 1:  An unqualified service technician performed inadequate maintenance.

Homeowner:   Make yourself knowledgeable about service professionals and their qualifications. If the A/C system has failed, let the unit cool down a few minutes and check fuses and circuit breakers. If the compressor quits on a hot day, try to reset it by pushing the high-pressure limit switch in the compressor’s access panel. Change your air filter to prolong the life of the unit. Check condensation drains when it’s humid outside to ensure that your A/C is draining properly. Make sure room units are mounted level to allow for proper drainage.

Professional:  Have the coil cleaned to extend unit life and the electrical connections checked for corrosion to prevent failure.

Issue 2:  Your A/C technicians did not follow manufacturer recommendations for refrigerant levels and now your unit is running poorly and inefficiently.

Professional:  Have refrigerant levels tested and filled to correct levels. Your air conditioner will perform poorly if over- or under-filled and needs to match recommended levels. If the refrigerant level is low, there’s also a chance that the system is leaking, so your technician should check for any leaks.

For additional help handling problems with your air conditioner, please contact your local Rinaldi’s Energy Solutions team. Rinaldi’s has been providing prompt, efficient service by quality technicians to Orlando and the surrounding area since 1969.

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