Attic Sealing Strategies

Attic-Sealing Strategies Give Orlando Residents A Solid Plan For Efficiency In Florida’s Climate

Jul 26, 2011

Many homeowners don’t realize how much of an impact their attic can have on the efficiency of their HVAC system. But by implementing a few attic-sealing strategies, you will be able to increase the comfort of your home while also saving money on utility bills each month.

During our scorching Orlando summers, hot air can easily build up in your attic. This will eventually begin to seep down into your house, forcing your HVAC system to overcompensate and work harder than otherwise necessary to achieve your desired temperature. This extra wear and tear results in more frequent HVAC equipment breakdowns and, of course, a resultant spike in your energy bills as well. 

Attic sealing also helps you by preventing the accumulation of moisture in the attic. Mold can quickly grow in dark and damp areas, and cause irreparable property damage. When it becomes airborne and begins to circulate through your air system, it can have detrimental health effects as well. To avoid all of these problems, use some of the following attic-sealing strategies.

Prevent air from leaking out through the attic
Plug gaps and holes where air can leak down from the attic into your home. This will prevent your HVAC system from becoming overworked. Common areas to check for leaks include around wiring, plumbing, lighting fixtures, attic entries and ductwork.

Add ventilation
Create a natural airflow in and out of your attic to help moderate the temperatures in your attic. Replace the covers on your soffits with ridged vents to allow air in while keeping rain out.

Weatherproof your roof
Reinforce your roof with weatherproofing. Flashing is one type of weatherproofing made out of sheet metal. It’s effective at filling holes and preventing leaks.

Add insulation to your attic
This map indicates the appropriate types, R-values and amounts of insulation needed for your attic and home, based on your region in the US. When you have the correct amount of insulation, it helps prevent heat from transferring in and out of your home, stabilizing the temperature. You can also add insulation around the ducts in your attic to keep the air inside them at a consistent temperature.

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