Buying A Furnace Online

Buying A Furnace Online: Are You Getting More Than You Bargained For?

Mar 1, 2012

The online world continues to be an important component of our buying habits. It’s easy to find heavy discounts on products ranging from computers to books, movies to music. It’s only logical to assume this would also apply to larger purchases such as furnaces and HVAC equipment.

You can certainly find cut-rate HVAC systems online, but buying a furnace from an Internet merchant may leave you with more than you bargained for — and not in a good way.

For example, an online purchase may not have a worthwhile warranty, and even if it does, a seller in a location far removed from you may not honor it. If you get a system online, local HVAC contractors may not be willing to install it because of warranty issues. In extreme cases, a dishonest seller might send inferior equipment or something you didn’t order.

Equipment purchased online may not be safe, especially if it is of subpar quality or damaged in shipping. It may violate local safety laws if the furnace is installed by someone not properly trained and certified. Worse, an untrained installer could create a dangerous situation. Your local HVAC professional knows how to avoid the hazards of installing and using HVAC equipment.

If you don’t have a high level of HVAC knowledge, you may not get the right equipment online. You could mistakenly buy a system that’s the wrong size, one that won’t fit the space available for installation, or one that uses the wrong type of fuel.

Remember, when you deal a trusted local HVAC supplier, part of what you’re buying is technical knowledge, industry experience, and personalized local service. An online dealer probably can’t provide these things. Your local HVAC suppliers also have expert knowledge of the equipment they sell and will be able to recommend the best systems for area winters.

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