Operating Your Ceiling Fans For Maximum Seasonal Comfort

Operating Your Ceiling Fans For Maximum Seasonal Comfort

Apr 3, 2012

Ceiling fans can be great energy savers all year round, but they save the most energy during the hottest summer months.

They work on the principle by creating, what is known as, a wind-chill effect. This effect simply means that as moving air passes over your skin, it makes you feel about four degrees cooler. That’s how many degrees you can lower your air conditioning thermostat with a ceiling fan running, yet still feel just as cool.

Remember, a ceiling fan will only cool the people that are beneath it. They won’t cool the room itself. So save energy costs by always turning off the ceiling fan whenever you leave the room.

Not all fans work the same in all rooms. Smaller fans, that have a diameter of between 36 inches and 44 inches, work the best in rooms that are no more than 225 square feet. Larger fans, in the 52-inch diameter range, work best in rooms with greater square footage.

Consider also fan blade size. Smaller blades need to spin faster to achieve the same cooling effect. In areas where there are loose papers or exposed plant leaves, the blowing wind from smaller fan blades may become disruptive, rattling around plants and blowing papers from desks or night stands.

In that case, a larger fan blade would be preferable. They will move the same amount of air at a slower speed, and be quieter in the process.

Ceiling fans mounted at a height between seven and nine feet, while keeping the blades between 10 inches and 12 inches below the ceiling proper, work the best and are the most efficient. Keep those measurements in mind when mounting the unit or making adjustments to the blades.

All in all, for both your energy bill and your air conditioning system during the hottest days of summer, a ceiling fan might just be your best friend.

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