Drain Cleaning: How It Can Improve Your Plumbing's Performance

Drain Cleaning: How It Can Improve Your Plumbing’s Performance

Mar 28, 2013

The drain system plays an important role in the overall health of your home’s plumbing system. Water must have a clear and unobstructed path so it can be evacuated from our home after use. When your drains become clogged, water cannot drain properly, if at all, which can lead to an unhealthy situation inside of your household.

The most common warning sign that a potential drain problem is on the horizon is slow-moving or draining sinks, showers and toilets. If not addressed, the problem can become magnified when your fixtures do not drain at all, leaving you with an unpleasant problem. Not only do you run the risk of a complete shutdown of your drain system, but this also could increase the potential of further damage.

When your drain becomes sluggish, it can be as simple as a blockage from hair or grease accumulation or signs of a more serious problem. Drain cleaning helps you to avoid these problems if you act at the first signs of trouble. It’s usually less expensive to perform routine drain cleaning maintenance on a home’s drain system before you experience a complete blockage.

Upon arrival at your home, a drain cleaning technician will inspect your drain system to determine the cause of the blockage and how best to approach it. This might include a video inspection of the drain system to help the technician identify the type of clog or buildup in the pipes, and to ascertain if direct access is needed to resolve the blockage. Most common drain system blockages can be resolved by snaking the line. Technicians may use an electric drain-cleaning machine called a snake or auger. The machine operates by utilizing a spinning cutting head attached to a long cable that’s fed through the drain to remove blockages.

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